Farmhouse decor review

Product: Farmhouse decor

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As mentioned in an earlier post, there are so many choices when it comes to farmhouse decor. Farmhouse decor is gorgeous and will go with any style decor that you have in your home. That is the beauty of the farmhouse look, especiallly if you love the electic look, which is a mixture of all types of decor.

Farmhouse decor will brighten up any room in your home and give it a little bit of the country side feel. If your not into the country look, that is fine, you can still add a little farmhouse to your place without making it feel to country.

There are so many choices to go with when choosing your decor. The price is very affordable as well. Farmhouse decor can range from anything to wall hangings to plant holders, ladders, curtains,ect.

Old window frames could be a farmhouse decor. They can be used in any room you choose. You can accent them with sconces or add a wreath in the middle of them. They will look great in any room and go with any decor theme you have.

Checkered curtains can be used to accent your windows. These can be placed on your kitchen windows or you can just add one to your cabinet under your sink area. If your not a big fan of checkered, you could simply go solid color when choosing your curtains.

Chalkboards will be a great addition to farmhouse decor. These can also go in any room in your home. I have one in my kitchen and sometimes use it to post the menu for dinner or sometimes I just leave a few words for my husband in the morning before he goes to work. You could also put one in your chids room and make a chore list.

Ladders are a huge item when it comes to the farmhouse look. These will go well in any room. You could put one in your kitchen and put your favorite decor on it. You could put one in your living room and maybe add some books to a shelf and flowers or candles. Also, you could put one in your bedroom and put a small throw over one of the steps and add another piece of decor.

The farmhouse look is a very cozy, comfortable type of look and the price is really affordable.



Kitchen island review

Product: Kitchen Islands

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Kitchen islands are a beautiful focal point for your kitchen. Not only that, they also add extra space for you to entertain your guest. They come in all different sizes and designs. You can get them with wheels as well so they can be moved easily around your kitchen.

You can add barstools to your island, maybe add a fruit basket or a flower arrangement. The islands reallly make a focal point for your kitchen. They add so much beauty to your space. The cost is very reasonable and the island will last a very long time if taken care of. Most islands are made of durable material that willl withstand moisture damage.

Wrought iron decor review

Product: Wrought iron

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Wrought iron decor is a beautiful decor that you can mix up with any style that you may have in your home. It goes well with elegant, farmhouse, casual, etc. It durability last for a very long time and it is well worth the cost ( which is not very expensive). Of course there are many different choices of wrought iron decor to choose from.

Not only will wrought iron make the inside of your home look great but it will also enhance the outside of your home as well.

You can also change the look of your decor if you choose to do so. You can make it look rustice by brushing paint across the decor but not fillling in all of the grooves.

You can also have a outdoor home patio set up in the wrought iron.  Its not really heavy but the durability is great.


Farmhouse living room ideas

As we all know, the living room is usually the first room that people see when they walk into your house, so you want the living room to be cozy and comfortable. You want to make people feel at home. You need to create that focal point in the room, whether it be a fireplace or simply a window. Create that focal point and then decorate around that point.

Farmhouse fireplace decor

Decorating a fireplace is very simple and you want to keep it simple. You dont want to add to much clutter to your piece.  Start by adding a centerpiece, it can be anything such as a basket of flowers( I would recommend a wicker basket or wooden basket) or a piece of artwork hanging on the wall in the center of the fireplace. (You will want your artwork to be the farmhouse look, so you could go with an old window frame with a wreath or an old flat basket that you can decorate) or you could just place a nice picture.

You will then want to add maybe a small metal planter of flowers to one side or both sides and you could add a little greenery, such as a running ivy.  At the base of the fireplace, you could add a nice floor plant. I would recommend putting the plant in an old pail.

You could drill holes in the bottom of the pail if the plant is real. A small wooden chair beside the fireplace would add to it.  You could add a basket and stuff a pillow down in it and add a small throw to drape across the basket.

This is just a general idea.




Decorating your window

A lot of people dont have fireplaces in their livingroom area, so you could make a window in your room a focal point. When decorating around a window, adding a table under the window or adding a bench would give you more area to work around with your decorating.

You may want to add a picture above your window and place planters on each side with artificial flowers. You could even add a wreath to your window.  Sit a picture on one side of your table or bench and drape a small throw over the table or bench.

You could also add a candle or any other decor that you choose. Just remeber, keep it simple. To much can make it look to cluttered.

Farmhouse style couch ideas

When decorating a couch to have that farmhouse look, there is actually not a lot of decorating that you have to do. Adding pillows to your couch is a great idea. You will want your pillows to have that farmhouse, country look. We all  know that checkered style is country, so you could add a couple of checkered pillows and a couple of solid color pillows. If you dont like the checkered look, you could go with pillows with writing on them or simply just go with a design or solid color.


You will want to go with a color that is going to accent with the colors in your room. You may want to add a throw pillow to your couch for a decorative piece.

In decorating farmhouse style

You should always try to incorporate that country look and feel. Adding wooden shelves to your walls, throw pillows to your couch and a throw blanket, adding a country style rug. Placing wicker or wooden baskets beside your furniture or on your furniture, using the metal planters with artificial flowers and of course wall decals with quotes or sayings. These ideas make a gorgeous scenery for your farmhouse look.





Farmhouse style flooring

As most people know, most farmhouse looks have wood flooring, but you dont have to have wood flooring to get the farmhouse look that you will love. You can always go with that farmhouse center rug to add that feel to your room. You could then throw a couple of smaller throw rugs down to add to the look. You could then decorate with your decor and there you have it., a gorgeous farmhouse look that you and others that come in will love.

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Farmhouse kitchen

I love my kitchen. Actually, that is where i am at the majority of the time. I love having my family over and entertaining them in my kitchen. I live in the country of North Carolina, so I love the farmhouse decor. I live on a small farm with 3 barns and lots of backyard and trees.

Decorating Kitchen

When decorating my kitchen, I try to keep it pretty simple and not add to much clutter as that can make your room look messy.  Just adding a few items here and there will add a lot of character to your kitchen. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. You can just stay simple.

White cabinets are great for that country look.  Adding shelves to your walls  to place your favorite plates or a plant. They also provide a storage space so that you can keep your counters clutter free. You can add dishes to your shelves or any decor that you choose.

Islands add a great focal point

Adding an island to your kitchen is a great idea. If you don’t have a lot of money to purchase one, I would recommend buying an old dresser or using an old dresser that you dont use anymore and either painting it or staining it and using that for an island. You could paint it to make it look a little rustic. Purchase nice barstools for sitting at the island.  You can even mix and  match the barstools. They dont have to be the same color or size.

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You dont want everything to be the same color. You will want to add different colors to your kitchen. Use old jugs or jars and add flowers to them to give your room a nice feel of nature. I absolutely love plants and if you dont have a green thumb, that’s ok. You can add artificial flowers or plants.

You can add farmhouse light fixtures. These are absolutely beautiful and will add a lot of farmhouse look to your kitchen.  There are so many farmhouse light fixtures to choose from. Make sure that you have good lighting as this is the room that you cook in.


You could add a fruit basket to your island, The basket should be wicker or white.  You could hang up a set of scales that weigh items and add a sign beside it.

You could make a small portion of the wall a pallet space and hang coffee cups. You can get pallets almost anywhere for no charge and the decorating possibilities with them are endless.

You may want to add a wooden trash can or bread box or both.  Add checkered dish towels draping over your sink and you can also go with the checkered curtains. If your not into the checkered look, you could also go with a solid color. I would just make sure they are country curtains.

Any comments that you may have or any tips for me, please fell free to leave them below!

Farmhouse decor for any room

Farmhouse decor can give you a sense of comfort, especially if you love the outdoors and the country settings.

It gives you a feel of going back in time. Reliving the childhood days!

Wrought iron decor is a nice farmhouse decor. It can be mixed with old and new decor. It adds a beauty all its own.  It will go with any wall color that you have in your home. The look can also be changed if you decide that you get tired of the color. Wrought iron will last forever and the expense is really worth it.

Rustic old shelving to sit things on, wood flooring,  decorating items, such as roosters, sunflowers, old pots and jugs. All of these items will add a feel of comfort to the area that you are working on.

Checkered curtains

Checkered curtains can be used on your kitchen windows or maybe even place a curtain below your sink to cover the cabinet. Even if you have the cabinet doors there, you could still incorporate the curtains. If your not into the checkered look, then you could just simply go with pain color curtains as well.

Decorative chalkboards

You could then use the chalkboard to write down important notes or remind you of errands or simply put your dinner menu on. I personaly have a chalkboard in my kitchen and I will leave my husband little notes before he goes to work. It is a great idea, especially in your kitchen and you can use it as you please.

Window frames decor

You can do several things with old window frames that your not using anymore You can turn them into picture frames or to just simply decorate by adding a small wreath or ribbon. You can also hang your artwork in the center. You could make a beautiful family collage. You could box it in and set crafts inside of it and add a shelf to the top or bottom.

Also, you can add pallets to a wall in your room, creating that rustic farmhouse look. You can also paint the pallets to make them look rustic.

Adding checkered throw pillows to your living room couch will bring out a farmhouse feel. There is nothing more country than that checkered look. 

Use an old trunk for a coffee tabe. Add a wagon wheel light fixture, Hang some deer horns.  You can use old ceramic jugs and add a few flowers to sit around on your tables.

Wooden step ladders

You could add a wooden step ladder and decorate it. You can add flowers to the ladder, books, little decorative pieces or baskets. Any of these items would make it gorgeous. You could also use it to reach high places that you normally can’t reach.

You could use an old pail to add flowers to to sit in front of a fireplace or beside your couch. You could add a real plant or just simply put artificial flowers in the pail.

Add old lanterns to your room. Set one on your end table or your fireplace mantle. It is also a good idea to have them in case you ever lose your power. The ideas are endless and all of them are gorgeous. If your into the farmhouse look, any of these ideas will work for you.

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Decorating how to

When decorating any room, you can decorate your style in many ways. It is no problem if you like old or new decor.

You can actually mix the two in a room. You can add wallpaper to a space that is dull to give it a more bolder appeal.

You could add a bar to your kitchen to entertain your guest, being that the kitchen is a good place to hangout with company.

Painting a wall in your room a dfferent color from the rest is a good idea, then accenting that color with throw pillows for your couch or other decorative pieces to accent that color. Hang a large piece of artwork to your room and make that a focal point.

In any room, you will want to create a focal point and decorate around that point. You could add a rug. You dont have to have a lot of money to make your home look stunning.

You could repaint rooms, reburbish old furniture, accent a wall by adding wall decals, add plants and candles. Remember, don’t add to much. You will want to keep your room clutter free.


5 D Diamond painting

The 5 D diamond painting is awesome!!!!

If you love to do crafty things, or simply love to paint, then you will want to check this out.

The 5 D diamond painting is a beautiful picture, which you can choose from hundreds of them, that comes numbered or lettered. It also comes with the little beads that are flat on one end, a tray, a piece of glue and an insert pen.

What you do is you match you number on the side of the picture that you want to start with to the number on your bead packet, then you will put beads into your tray and give them a little shake to make them flip over where the flat part is on the bottom.

You will then take your insert pen and stick it straight into the glue piece. It will attach a little piece of glue and that is how you are going to pick up your beads and put them on your picture.

Your picture already will have a sticky coat on it and it wil have a sheet of clear plastic over top of it, so when your working on the picture, you will want to keep it covered with the plastic except for the area your working on.

Its easy to do and lots of fun as well..

After you fnish your picture, you can then frame it and it makes a beautiful piece.

I absolutely love it!!!!!

So many different designs to choose from here

Tile decals for kitchen

Tile decals for your kitchen make your kitchen look absolutely beautiful and guess what?, they are really not that expensive. They are very durable and will last a long time,


They can make a plain wall stand out!

Tile decals are removable but can damage your walls because of the strong adhedsive on the back. I would not recommend applying them over wallpaper. If applied over wallpaper, they will most likely not be able to be removed due to pulling the wallpaper off as well.

They do look real and the cost is very reasonable. If you want to go with a waterproof tile decals then you should go with the vinyl. Vinyl is more durable and will last through moisture.  As we all know, a kitchen gets a lot of use as far as cooking, washing dishes, etc., so you definitey want to add the vinyl tiles to withstand the moisture of cooking and washing dishes. Also, they can be wiped down without damaging them. There are so many different designs to choose from.



Nursery wall decor

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As with all moms and dads, you will want your new little one to come home to a room that looks great and feels comfortable. There are tons of ideas for nursery wall decor.

Girls room: Most of the time , a girls room is gong to have the pink walls and the little crib, so accenting the walls would add a lot of creativity to the little ones room. With this in mind, I would suggest the wall decals because they are easy to apply and easy to remove if your little one gets older and you want to change the theme.

Boys room will most likely be blue walls and you could do the same creativity with the wall decals.

Most of the time, the wall decals can be moved and still stick. If they ever get to where they will not stick, just add a little glue and that should fix it.

I would suggest, if you did go with the wall decals that you get wall decals that are lead and mercury free. These would be the vinyl decals.

Canvases would also be a great accent to the room. Whichever wall art you go with, you will want it to accent the color of the walls and other decor.

For pink walls or blue walls, I would suggest something with a lot of gray if you go with the canvases. That would give a calm feeling to the room.