5 D Diamond painting

The 5 D diamond painting is awesome!!!!

If you love to do crafty things, or simply love to paint, then you will want to check this out.

The 5 D diamond painting is a beautiful picture, which you can choose from hundreds of them, that comes numbered or lettered. It also comes with the little beads that are flat on one end, a tray, a piece of glue and an insert pen.

What you do is you match you number on the side of the picture that you want to start with to the number on your bead packet, then you will put beads into your tray and give them a little shake to make them flip over where the flat part is on the bottom.

You will then take your insert pen and stick it straight into the glue piece. It will attach a little piece of glue and that is how you are going to pick up your beads and put them on your picture.

Your picture already will have a sticky coat on it and it wil have a sheet of clear plastic over top of it, so when your working on the picture, you will want to keep it covered with the plastic except for the area your working on.

Its easy to do and lots of fun as well..

After you fnish your picture, you can then frame it and it makes a beautiful piece.

I absolutely love it!!!!!

So many different designs to choose from here

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  1. The picture looks really great and I love the colours. This isn’t something I have heard of before but I would love to give it a try sometime, as it looks quite easy to do and the end results would be stunning. Where can I buy it from?

    1. Helen I absolutely love doing these pictures. It’s actually fun. You can purchase them from Amazon. Just type in 5D paintings and it should come up. They have a whole selection of them. Some of them will come with some of the beads already on them if that’s what you choose but if you choose to do the whole picture yourself go with the full drill option. If your crafty like me you will love these and after your done they make a beautiful picture that you could frame. I hope you have a wonderful day and feel free to ask any questions!

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