Decorating how to

When decorating any room, you can decorate your style in many ways. It is no problem if you like old or new decor.

You can actually mix the two in a room. You can add wallpaper to a space that is dull to give it a more bolder appeal.

You could add a bar to your kitchen to entertain your guest, being that the kitchen is a good place to hangout with company.

Painting a wall in your room a dfferent color from the rest is a good idea, then accenting that color with throw pillows for your couch or other decorative pieces to accent that color. Hang a large piece of artwork to your room and make that a focal point.

In any room, you will want to create a focal point and decorate around that point. You could add a rug. You dont have to have a lot of money to make your home look stunning.

You could repaint rooms, reburbish old furniture, accent a wall by adding wall decals, add plants and candles. Remember, don’t add to much. You will want to keep your room clutter free.


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