Decorating ideas small rooms

You will want to use very light colors.

If it is a small bedroom, push your bed up into a corner of the room. Hide your dresser in your closet or have a storage chest in the closet.

Put storage under the bed. Hang curtains that flow all the way to the floor. You will want to use mirrors because they will magnify your area. Use a large rug, add a lot if lighting and it’s good to go with low furniture.

This same method could be used in the living area as well. Brighten the room, add ottomans for storage, add large rug and mirrors. Don’t add a lot of pictures, just add one or 2 large pictures. Try to go with smaller furniture.bed-in-corner

Smaller living spaces can seem to be hard to decorate because you don’t have a lot of space but with a few of these stratogies, you can accomplish a beautiful, clutter free space.  Adding shelving to your rooms will give you a space to put decor without having to much sitting around the rooms.

These ideas can be incorporated in every room in your home, so you dont have to have that huge home to have a beautiful home.



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