Decorating with wall colors

There are so many wall colors that people may have in their home. Here is a few popular colors and what color pictures or wall art goes well with these colors.

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Beige color walls 

With beige color walls, you could add blue pictures and it would give the illusion of the ocean. The blue would be like the water color and the beige would be like the sand color.  Blue is a cool color by nature and gives a refreshing and calm feeling.  For general idea

Colors that go with gray walls

With gray walls, you could go with blue, gold, dark green, light green, orange, red, black & yellow. Any of these colors would stand out with the gray. Just about any color you decide to go with will work well. Gray is a color that will also match up to any furniture that you have n your home.  For ideas

Decorating blue walls

Blue is a cool color by nature. It will work well with any other cool tone. Gray is a cool color tone as well so you could incorporate  gray & purple with the blue or for bolder look, red or yellow. It all depends on your taste and style.    Wall art

Orange walls

White goes well with orange. Burgundy will also go with the orange, Gray and orange together is absolutely gorgeous! A medium green will go well and also  yellow & red. You can also go with blue & brown. Wall art

Yellow walls

Nearly every color will go with yellow walls. You will just want to balance out your colors. Ex. Pick a couple different shades of yellow with a dark neutral (Ex. Blue) and a little white. Wall decor

8 Replies to “Decorating with wall colors”

  1. It is inspirational for someone who paints to see other paintings for ideas! I love all of the color schemes and your descriptions on which walls the paintings would work best for! Sounds like you really have a knack for it! I think my favorite would be the orange flower painting! 

    1. Hello Randi. Yes.. I have been painting for many years and I love changing things up in my home. Everytime I paint I want to redecorate also. Thank you for viewing my page. 

  2. Hi Ginger, I was happy to find your blog post to give guidance on how to decorate with colors. I was recently at a beach house that had light yellow walls and I just loved them. The house place seemed so bright and cheery! My kitchen is currently blue and white, and I’ve considered painting the walls yellow – after reading this I think I’ll try it 🙂

    1. Yellow would be gorgeous. I would go with a canary yellow. You could throw in the blues with the yellow. You could use reds or oranges and grays as well. It will definitely brighten up your kitchen. Thank you for your feedback and interest. Any question.. Feel free to ask. Have a great day! 

  3. Wow, I absolutely adore the wall art. The examples you provided are just magnificent. In that regard, I felt like having an orange wall in my flat now, haha. Really loved that art example.

    Ginger, is it true that any of these will still work with white walls? I imagine though that the visual pleasantness might not be as well expressed, however, that piece you provided as an example for orange walls truly spoke to me. I need something like that. And I do have a white wall. In that sense, I can always paint it orange, haha! 🙂

    Either way, I appreciate the article and the insights!

    Cheers, and have a Great One, Ginger!


    1. Hello matiss. Yes, the orange wall is gorgeous. My living room walls are orange. I’m sure it will be gorgeous either color you decide to go with but the orange will definitely give it a lot of character. It’s also very calming. If you decide to stay with white walls, you could definitely bring the wall to life with any of the wall art in the post. I would go with colors that will match up with some of your furniture or decor. If you have any questions, let me know. I’ll be glad to help. Thank you. You have a blessed day! 

  4. Hey, Ginger, just wanted to share the fact that I really enjoyed the article. Most of our walls in our house are of belge color. Thus, I do subscribe to the fact that the illusion of an ocean would be amazing. In that regard, I will look at some actual ocean pictures as well. I believe that might be exactly the tweak that we are missing in our home. 

    Other than that, I also liked the example of blue wall art. We have a few spots of blue in our kitchen. I imagine it might work really well. Be as it may, I’ll discuss this with my husband and if he’s up for it, we’ll make a purchase through your links. 🙂

    Have an awesome day, ahead!


    1. Well thank you so much Rasa.. I’m glad I could be of some help for you and yes the ocean illusion is gorgeous.. The blue with the beige would be perfect. Any help I can be please feel free to ask. Thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoyed my post. 

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