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Product: Farmhouse decor

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As mentioned in an earlier post, there are so many choices when it comes to farmhouse decor. Farmhouse decor is gorgeous and will go with any style decor that you have in your home. That is the beauty of the farmhouse look, especiallly if you love the electic look, which is a mixture of all types of decor.

Farmhouse decor will brighten up any room in your home and give it a little bit of the country side feel. If your not into the country look, that is fine, you can still add a little farmhouse to your place without making it feel to country.

There are so many choices to go with when choosing your decor. The price is very affordable as well. Farmhouse decor can range from anything to wall hangings to plant holders, ladders, curtains,ect.

Old window frames could be a farmhouse decor. They can be used in any room you choose. You can accent them with sconces or add a wreath in the middle of them. They will look great in any room and go with any decor theme you have.

Checkered curtains can be used to accent your windows. These can be placed on your kitchen windows or you can just add one to your cabinet under your sink area. If your not a big fan of checkered, you could simply go solid color when choosing your curtains.

Chalkboards will be a great addition to farmhouse decor. These can also go in any room in your home. I have one in my kitchen and sometimes use it to post the menu for dinner or sometimes I just leave a few words for my husband in the morning before he goes to work. You could also put one in your chids room and make a chore list.

Ladders are a huge item when it comes to the farmhouse look. These will go well in any room. You could put one in your kitchen and put your favorite decor on it. You could put one in your living room and maybe add some books to a shelf and flowers or candles. Also, you could put one in your bedroom and put a small throw over one of the steps and add another piece of decor.

The farmhouse look is a very cozy, comfortable type of look and the price is really affordable.



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