Farmhouse decor for any room

Farmhouse decor can give you a sense of comfort, especially if you love the outdoors and the country settings.

It gives you a feel of going back in time. Reliving the childhood days!

Wrought iron decor is a nice farmhouse decor. It can be mixed with old and new decor. It adds a beauty all its own.  It will go with any wall color that you have in your home. The look can also be changed if you decide that you get tired of the color. Wrought iron will last forever and the expense is really worth it.

Rustic old shelving to sit things on, wood flooring,  decorating items, such as roosters, sunflowers, old pots and jugs. All of these items will add a feel of comfort to the area that you are working on.

Checkered curtains

Checkered curtains can be used on your kitchen windows or maybe even place a curtain below your sink to cover the cabinet. Even if you have the cabinet doors there, you could still incorporate the curtains. If your not into the checkered look, then you could just simply go with pain color curtains as well.

Decorative chalkboards

You could then use the chalkboard to write down important notes or remind you of errands or simply put your dinner menu on. I personaly have a chalkboard in my kitchen and I will leave my husband little notes before he goes to work. It is a great idea, especially in your kitchen and you can use it as you please.

Window frames decor

You can do several things with old window frames that your not using anymore You can turn them into picture frames or to just simply decorate by adding a small wreath or ribbon. You can also hang your artwork in the center. You could make a beautiful family collage. You could box it in and set crafts inside of it and add a shelf to the top or bottom.

Also, you can add pallets to a wall in your room, creating that rustic farmhouse look. You can also paint the pallets to make them look rustic.

Adding checkered throw pillows to your living room couch will bring out a farmhouse feel. There is nothing more country than that checkered look. 

Use an old trunk for a coffee tabe. Add a wagon wheel light fixture, Hang some deer horns.  You can use old ceramic jugs and add a few flowers to sit around on your tables.

Wooden step ladders

You could add a wooden step ladder and decorate it. You can add flowers to the ladder, books, little decorative pieces or baskets. Any of these items would make it gorgeous. You could also use it to reach high places that you normally can’t reach.

You could use an old pail to add flowers to to sit in front of a fireplace or beside your couch. You could add a real plant or just simply put artificial flowers in the pail.

Add old lanterns to your room. Set one on your end table or your fireplace mantle. It is also a good idea to have them in case you ever lose your power. The ideas are endless and all of them are gorgeous. If your into the farmhouse look, any of these ideas will work for you.

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8 Replies to “Farmhouse decor for any room”

  1. Living on the country side myself I have to say that I don’t own that much farmhouse decor. I do love the curtains you’ve posted on your other page! Just a shame that your article here doesn’t have any pictures (yet). Maybe something for the future to think about ;).

    1. I absolutely agree Virendra. I’m still working on my website and I’m still trying to see how I want to incorporate pictures into my content. Thanks for your feedback.. Yes.. I do love the curtains as well. I have so much farmhouse decor in my home as well as other decor that I mix and match.. Thank you again. I will definitely take your feedback into consideration.. 

  2. Greetings!
    Thank you for this very informative post about Farmhouse decor. I did not hear about it before, but I think this idea is quite original since everything from the past is becoming the new trend nowadays!
    I myself would definitely like a Farmhouse decoration, and I really think the creative decoration is always the best!
    Do you think the Farmhouse decor could even be applicable in the cities?
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Yes Georgio, I know it would be applicable in the city. You don’t necessarily have to live in the country to have the farmhouse look in your home. It’s all your taste and preference no matter where you live. It’s beautiful and makes a home place feel so cozy. Thank you so much for your feedback and if you have any questions, just let me know. I’ll be glad to help. 

  3. hello

    Years ago I was in Tunisia. There we saw an exhibition of wrought iron furniture: living rooms, bedrooms, etc. I liked it so much that when I returned home I changed the furniture I had in my wrought iron furniture: tables, armchairs, beds, bedside tables. Okay, for me it was a necessity: I had and I have many cats. Forged iron is perfect. thanks for posting.


    1. Yes Carmen, I absolutely love wrought iron decor. It’s so gorgeous and pretty durable as well. Yes I agree if you have a lot of animals it would be easier to clean. You can mix the wrought iron up with about any decor that you have. It goes well with anything. Thanks for your feedback. Any questions, please feel free to leave them! 

  4.  From my little experiences, so many people normally ask this particular question “Should cabinets match throughout house?”.. Yea, Most new homes have matching kitchen, bathroom and laundry room cabinets mainly because making all of the cabinets the same is the most cost effective method.

    Also I guess, Changing materials and colors can create a custom, high-end look if done right and the colors and styles compliment each other.  You do need to be careful not to create a cluttered, mismatched or half finished look, especially where baseboards and crown molding meet cabinets, and in transitional areas where you can see cabinets from more than one room. That’s the little i know about Farmhouse decoration.



    1. Yes Bibian, you are exactly correct. You don’t want to mix match baseboards and cabinets unless you are going with the stained baseboarding look. As far as cabinets all being the same color.. Some people incorporate one color on the bottom and another color on the top. There are just so many different styles in today’s time when it comes to home decorating. Thank you so much for your feedback and if you have any questions, please feel free to let me know. 

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