Farmhouse kitchen

I love my kitchen. Actually, that is where i am at the majority of the time. I love having my family over and entertaining them in my kitchen. I live in the country of North Carolina, so I love the farmhouse decor. I live on a small farm with 3 barns and lots of backyard and trees.

Decorating Kitchen

When decorating my kitchen, I try to keep it pretty simple and not add to much clutter as that can make your room look messy.  Just adding a few items here and there will add a lot of character to your kitchen. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. You can just stay simple.

White cabinets are great for that country look.  Adding shelves to your walls  to place your favorite plates or a plant. They also provide a storage space so that you can keep your counters clutter free. You can add dishes to your shelves or any decor that you choose.

Islands add a great focal point

Adding an island to your kitchen is a great idea. If you don’t have a lot of money to purchase one, I would recommend buying an old dresser or using an old dresser that you dont use anymore and either painting it or staining it and using that for an island. You could paint it to make it look a little rustic. Purchase nice barstools for sitting at the island.  You can even mix and  match the barstools. They dont have to be the same color or size.

>>>Cick here to see kitchen islands<<<

You dont want everything to be the same color. You will want to add different colors to your kitchen. Use old jugs or jars and add flowers to them to give your room a nice feel of nature. I absolutely love plants and if you dont have a green thumb, that’s ok. You can add artificial flowers or plants.

You can add farmhouse light fixtures. These are absolutely beautiful and will add a lot of farmhouse look to your kitchen.  There are so many farmhouse light fixtures to choose from. Make sure that you have good lighting as this is the room that you cook in.


You could add a fruit basket to your island, The basket should be wicker or white.  You could hang up a set of scales that weigh items and add a sign beside it.

You could make a small portion of the wall a pallet space and hang coffee cups. You can get pallets almost anywhere for no charge and the decorating possibilities with them are endless.

You may want to add a wooden trash can or bread box or both.  Add checkered dish towels draping over your sink and you can also go with the checkered curtains. If your not into the checkered look, you could also go with a solid color. I would just make sure they are country curtains.

Any comments that you may have or any tips for me, please fell free to leave them below!

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