Farmhouse living room ideas

As we all know, the living room is usually the first room that people see when they walk into your house, so you want the living room to be cozy and comfortable. You want to make people feel at home. You need to create that focal point in the room, whether it be a fireplace or simply a window. Create that focal point and then decorate around that point.

Farmhouse fireplace decor

Decorating a fireplace is very simple and you want to keep it simple. You dont want to add to much clutter to your piece.  Start by adding a centerpiece, it can be anything such as a basket of flowers( I would recommend a wicker basket or wooden basket) or a piece of artwork hanging on the wall in the center of the fireplace. (You will want your artwork to be the farmhouse look, so you could go with an old window frame with a wreath or an old flat basket that you can decorate) or you could just place a nice picture.

You will then want to add maybe a small metal planter of flowers to one side or both sides and you could add a little greenery, such as a running ivy.  At the base of the fireplace, you could add a nice floor plant. I would recommend putting the plant in an old pail.

You could drill holes in the bottom of the pail if the plant is real. A small wooden chair beside the fireplace would add to it.  You could add a basket and stuff a pillow down in it and add a small throw to drape across the basket.

This is just a general idea.




Decorating your window

A lot of people dont have fireplaces in their livingroom area, so you could make a window in your room a focal point. When decorating around a window, adding a table under the window or adding a bench would give you more area to work around with your decorating.

You may want to add a picture above your window and place planters on each side with artificial flowers. You could even add a wreath to your window.  Sit a picture on one side of your table or bench and drape a small throw over the table or bench.

You could also add a candle or any other decor that you choose. Just remeber, keep it simple. To much can make it look to cluttered.

Farmhouse style couch ideas

When decorating a couch to have that farmhouse look, there is actually not a lot of decorating that you have to do. Adding pillows to your couch is a great idea. You will want your pillows to have that farmhouse, country look. We all  know that checkered style is country, so you could add a couple of checkered pillows and a couple of solid color pillows. If you dont like the checkered look, you could go with pillows with writing on them or simply just go with a design or solid color.


You will want to go with a color that is going to accent with the colors in your room. You may want to add a throw pillow to your couch for a decorative piece.

In decorating farmhouse style

You should always try to incorporate that country look and feel. Adding wooden shelves to your walls, throw pillows to your couch and a throw blanket, adding a country style rug. Placing wicker or wooden baskets beside your furniture or on your furniture, using the metal planters with artificial flowers and of course wall decals with quotes or sayings. These ideas make a gorgeous scenery for your farmhouse look.





Farmhouse style flooring

As most people know, most farmhouse looks have wood flooring, but you dont have to have wood flooring to get the farmhouse look that you will love. You can always go with that farmhouse center rug to add that feel to your room. You could then throw a couple of smaller throw rugs down to add to the look. You could then decorate with your decor and there you have it., a gorgeous farmhouse look that you and others that come in will love.

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