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Room ideas for girls

Bookshelves are a good piece of furniture to have in a girls room. They can be used to keep pictures and all sorts of items. You can create a canopy over the head of the bed and add fluffy pillows. You can add shelves and decorate with her pictures or trophies. You can use floral print wallpaper to add her favorite color.  For great girl ideas

Room ideas for boys

You will want to create a room that he can play in so he will need room. Create  a storage space where he can keep his toys. Decorate with blue colors and leave the walls white.  Incorporate a hobby theme that he loves. You could also build a camping theme bed.

Room ideas for teenagers

When it comes to teenagers, you will want to add some LED bedroom lights. You will want to hang them in the room. You may want to add an urban chair (big round chair). You may want to decorate the walls with decals that spell out names or sayings. Add lava lamps, candles, ect. Teenager room ideas

Room ideas for him and her

When it comes to sharing a room with your significant other, sometimes it can be a little struggle but remember, there is always art that is going to satisfy you both. You could go with pretty much any color theme that you like , just don’t overdue it. For example: If you want to go with floral canvases or pictures, you may want to have a solid color comforter and rug.  You may not want the whole room to be floral.


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  1. I’m always looking for ideas for when I finally put my toddlers room together. I want to create something calm and peaceful since he already has a playroom full of colorful things. For this room, I want it to be that when he goes in there he know its quiet time either for reading and relaxing, or sleeping. I was think of going with light grey for the walls and blue and white for the furniture but I see that you say white walls for boys is good, how do you feel about light grey for a boys wall color?

    1. I think light grey would be a great color if you want to have blue and white furniture. I wouldn’t go to dark with the grey. I’d stay more to the light shade because dark will make a room appear smaller and the light color can match up better with different colors in the room as well. I know it will be beautiful when your done.

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