Indoor sunroom decorating idea

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This is one of my favorite rooms in my house. I had an extra small bedroom that I wanted to do something with because it wasn’t being used. I decided to turn it into a little sun room for me to sit and enjoy a book or some quiet time or just simply look and admire its beauty.

The room is about a 12 x 8 size so i wanted to do something that would bring a little illusion of being bigger than it was. I painted my walls a canary yellow, which is not to light but not to dark. I purchased some outdoor wicker furniture, small sized, and added it to the room. I added several plants to my room and then I was stuck figuring out what type of wall decor i wanted to use., so i searched on the website for pictures that would fit a sun room and this is what i discovered:

You may want to hang your plant, so you could go with plant holders.

You could also go with a string of lights to accent the plants. If you added a string of lights, I would go with thin cord LED lights that gives a good light without the sight of the cord. If your anything like me, you will not want the cord hanging all over the place.

You could also get a hammock chair and hang it up. A hammock chair is one of my most favorite things about my sunroom. Sometimes I just go in there and sit in my chair and just look out the windows or look around and admire all the plants and beautiful artwork that I have in there. The chair is cozy as can be. Make sure if you were to decide on getting one, that it is mounted to a stud support that will hod your weight.

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  1. I love this idea! When my daughter moves out to go to college this fall, I want to do something like this with her bedroom. The window isn’t very big and faces north, so I’m not sure it will feel like a real sun room. I like your idea of adding strings of lights though – that with lots of plants will be very bright and cheery! Thanks for the great ideas!

    1. Hello Tama. Yes.. I absolutely love my sunroom. It was actually my step daughters bedroom at one time and it was rather small so I decided to turn it into a sunroom. It has 2 small windows so I just went and purchased some blinds and bought a small wicker set.. I then added plants and sunflower pictures.. I love it.. It’s very cozy. I think that would be a great idea for you as well. I know it will be beautiful when your done. 

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