Kitchen wall decor

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There are several different styles of kitchen decor.  You have your casual style. Your farmhouse or rustic style and your elegant style. All of these styles have the potential to create a beautiful kitchen.

Farmhouse style, you could accent your walls with farmhouse or country decor and even mix it with a little modern. You will want to choose colors like blue, red and browns in your decor. Hang rustic wall sconces with mason jars to add flowers.



 Casual style, you may want to choose modern colors such as pastels, pinks, yellows, blues, purples, green, and oranges.  These colors will bring lots of comfort feelings to your room. You can add “welcome” decals to your wall.


Elegant style, you will want to choose wall art such as wine canvases or grapes or hang metal wall decor such as sconces.


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