Nursery wall decor

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As with all moms and dads, you will want your new little one to come home to a room that looks great and feels comfortable. There are tons of ideas for nursery wall decor.

Girls room: Most of the time , a girls room is gong to have the pink walls and the little crib, so accenting the walls would add a lot of creativity to the little ones room. With this in mind, I would suggest the wall decals because they are easy to apply and easy to remove if your little one gets older and you want to change the theme.

Boys room will most likely be blue walls and you could do the same creativity with the wall decals.

Most of the time, the wall decals can be moved and still stick. If they ever get to where they will not stick, just add a little glue and that should fix it.

I would suggest, if you did go with the wall decals that you get wall decals that are lead and mercury free. These would be the vinyl decals.

Canvases would also be a great accent to the room. Whichever wall art you go with, you will want it to accent the color of the walls and other decor.

For pink walls or blue walls, I would suggest something with a lot of gray if you go with the canvases. That would give a calm feeling to the room.



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