Bathroom Wall Decor

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If your anything like me, you care about the appearance of your bathroom, especially if you have company over a lot. You will want to choose your decor to accent the colors in your bathroom. For example, look at your wall color, your shower curtains and bath mats. Choose a color that is going to go well with your color theme. When choosing your wall decor, make sure that you choose something that is moisture resistant.

Canvases would be a great wall decor to put in your bathroom

You could go with shelving for your walls to sit your decor on and also go with wicker bathroom sets or wooden sets, such as the toilet paper holder, toothbrush holder, trash can and towel racks.

Go here for ideas


Wrought iron wall decor


Wrought iron decor is very beautiful. It will go with pretty much any theme or decor that you have in your home. If your into the country look, it will go well with it or the elegant look, it will go great as well. Iron decor is very durable and not as expensive as you would think! Wrought iron decor can accent any room in your home.

Guess what? It can also be painted, so if you have iron decor and you wanted to change the look of it, you could definitely paint it. You could paint it to look modern or you could make it look rustic.

If you choose to paint it, you will need to take the piece outside, wipe it down, spray the piece with primer, let dry, then spray with your paint color. Pretty much any spray can of paint will work. Now, if you want the rustic look, then I would recommend using a brush and just brush across the piece, don’t worry about getting the paint down into the grooves. You don’t want the piece to look perfectly painted, that’s what makes it look rustic.

Wrought iron wall decor can also be used outside as well. No matter where you use it, it will last forever and add lots of beauty to your home. It will last forever and you will be able to always change the look of it if you choose to.

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Kitchen wall decor

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There are several different styles of kitchen decor.  You have your casual style. Your farmhouse or rustic style and your elegant style. All of these styles have the potential to create a beautiful kitchen.

Farmhouse style, you could accent your walls with farmhouse or country decor and even mix it with a little modern. You will want to choose colors like blue, red and browns in your decor. Hang rustic wall sconces with mason jars to add flowers.



 Casual style, you may want to choose modern colors such as pastels, pinks, yellows, blues, purples, green, and oranges.  These colors will bring lots of comfort feelings to your room. You can add “welcome” decals to your wall.


Elegant style, you will want to choose wall art such as wine canvases or grapes or hang metal wall decor such as sconces.


For Kitchen decor, Amazon has beautiful choices


Inspirational canvas wall art

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Inspiration art pieces tell your story. They carry inspiration and give you extra motivation on your journey of life filled with achievement and success and happiness. They will brighten your day and make you feel ready to take on anything. They can guide your life, love and career. There are inspirational quotes for work, about love, and motivation quotes.  They will definitely give you a little guidance.


Wall Decal Review/ Why wall decals are popular

Product:  Wall Decal

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon


A wall decal is a wall sticker that is used for decoration.  They can range in size and color. You can get wall decals for bordering or wall decals for designing your walls. They come in a variety of sizes. Most decals are not reusable , although you can purchase vinyl decals and reuse them, Wall decals have several different uses. They can be used on windows, walls or tiles as advertising or decoration.  They are very easy to apply. They can be moved easily and they add beautiful artistry to any room that you are looking to accent. They have so many different designs and colors to choose from that will accent any room in your home.

Why you would want to buy:

Wall decals are very affordable and will create ultimate beauty in your home without having the expensive cost.  They have wall decals for every single room in your home. I personally have several wall decals. They are so easy and quick to apply and the end results look like you put a lot of time into your project.  They usually last for several years.

You should not apply them to fresh paint. Allow your newly painted walls to dry for several weeks. Do not use on rough surfaces. The surface must be smooth.

Feel free to leave and comments or questions below.



Indoor sunroom decorating idea

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This is one of my favorite rooms in my house. I had an extra small bedroom that I wanted to do something with because it wasn’t being used. I decided to turn it into a little sun room for me to sit and enjoy a book or some quiet time or just simply look and admire its beauty.

The room is about a 12 x 8 size so i wanted to do something that would bring a little illusion of being bigger than it was. I painted my walls a canary yellow, which is not to light but not to dark. I purchased some outdoor wicker furniture, small sized, and added it to the room. I added several plants to my room and then I was stuck figuring out what type of wall decor i wanted to use., so i searched on the website for pictures that would fit a sun room and this is what i discovered:

You may want to hang your plant, so you could go with plant holders.

You could also go with a string of lights to accent the plants. If you added a string of lights, I would go with thin cord LED lights that gives a good light without the sight of the cord. If your anything like me, you will not want the cord hanging all over the place.

You could also get a hammock chair and hang it up. A hammock chair is one of my most favorite things about my sunroom. Sometimes I just go in there and sit in my chair and just look out the windows or look around and admire all the plants and beautiful artwork that I have in there. The chair is cozy as can be. Make sure if you were to decide on getting one, that it is mounted to a stud support that will hod your weight.

Decorating ideas

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There are so many designs out in the decorating field that you can go with.  There are a number of choices that you can decide on.


Canvases are very popular in the market today. There are several canvases to choose from. There are large canvases to fill big spaces. Smaller ones to fill smaller spaces. There are so many different themes in the canvas world. Canvases can be used in any room in your home.  Most of them are water resistant so they can withstand moisture if you want to incorporate them in your kitchen or bathroom.

For canvas ideas

Wall decals

Wall decals are also popular in today’s style. Decals are a great way to enhance the beauty of your home without putting nails into your walls. They come in all different designs for any room in your home. I would not recommend putting them in your bathroom, as the moisture may cause them to lose their ability to stick.

The bedroom and the living room are great places to add the wall decals.

For wall decal ideas

Wall decals come in many different sizes. Some of them require 2 hands to hold and apply because the pieces are so big but they are easy to apply and last for a long time. Most of the time, they can be re moved without damaging your wall.

You can decorate a wall just beautifully with these and the expense is very cheap!!!





Decorating ideas small rooms

You will want to use very light colors.

If it is a small bedroom, push your bed up into a corner of the room. Hide your dresser in your closet or have a storage chest in the closet.

Put storage under the bed. Hang curtains that flow all the way to the floor. You will want to use mirrors because they will magnify your area. Use a large rug, add a lot if lighting and it’s good to go with low furniture.

This same method could be used in the living area as well. Brighten the room, add ottomans for storage, add large rug and mirrors. Don’t add a lot of pictures, just add one or 2 large pictures. Try to go with smaller furniture.bed-in-corner

Smaller living spaces can seem to be hard to decorate because you don’t have a lot of space but with a few of these stratogies, you can accomplish a beautiful, clutter free space.  Adding shelving to your rooms will give you a space to put decor without having to much sitting around the rooms.

These ideas can be incorporated in every room in your home, so you dont have to have that huge home to have a beautiful home.



Decorating with wall colors

There are so many wall colors that people may have in their home. Here is a few popular colors and what color pictures or wall art goes well with these colors.

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Beige color walls 

With beige color walls, you could add blue pictures and it would give the illusion of the ocean. The blue would be like the water color and the beige would be like the sand color.  Blue is a cool color by nature and gives a refreshing and calm feeling.  For general idea

Colors that go with gray walls

With gray walls, you could go with blue, gold, dark green, light green, orange, red, black & yellow. Any of these colors would stand out with the gray. Just about any color you decide to go with will work well. Gray is a color that will also match up to any furniture that you have n your home.  For ideas

Decorating blue walls

Blue is a cool color by nature. It will work well with any other cool tone. Gray is a cool color tone as well so you could incorporate  gray & purple with the blue or for bolder look, red or yellow. It all depends on your taste and style.    Wall art

Orange walls

White goes well with orange. Burgundy will also go with the orange, Gray and orange together is absolutely gorgeous! A medium green will go well and also  yellow & red. You can also go with blue & brown. Wall art

Yellow walls

Nearly every color will go with yellow walls. You will just want to balance out your colors. Ex. Pick a couple different shades of yellow with a dark neutral (Ex. Blue) and a little white. Wall decor

Home Art Projects

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Room ideas for girls

Bookshelves are a good piece of furniture to have in a girls room. They can be used to keep pictures and all sorts of items. You can create a canopy over the head of the bed and add fluffy pillows. You can add shelves and decorate with her pictures or trophies. You can use floral print wallpaper to add her favorite color.  For great girl ideas

Room ideas for boys

You will want to create a room that he can play in so he will need room. Create  a storage space where he can keep his toys. Decorate with blue colors and leave the walls white.  Incorporate a hobby theme that he loves. You could also build a camping theme bed.

Room ideas for teenagers

When it comes to teenagers, you will want to add some LED bedroom lights. You will want to hang them in the room. You may want to add an urban chair (big round chair). You may want to decorate the walls with decals that spell out names or sayings. Add lava lamps, candles, ect. Teenager room ideas

Room ideas for him and her

When it comes to sharing a room with your significant other, sometimes it can be a little struggle but remember, there is always art that is going to satisfy you both. You could go with pretty much any color theme that you like , just don’t overdue it. For example: If you want to go with floral canvases or pictures, you may want to have a solid color comforter and rug.  You may not want the whole room to be floral.