What is Wall Coverings


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Wallpapers can range in all different colors and textures. It usually comes in rolls and is applied with a paste. A lot of wallpaper has a self-adhesive on the back side and all you have to do is wet the paper, shake off excess water and apply to the area that you are covering. Wallpaper is very durable material that last a very long time. You can purchase wallpaper for every room in your house. They have wall paper for kids room, kitchen areas, bathrooms, etc.

Mirrors tend to make a space in your home feel larger. mirror-decorLarge mirrors in a room can make the appearance of the room almost double. Simple square mirrors add inviting touches to a bedroom. Mirrors add the illusion of visually expanding the size of your room. When thinking of ideas for decorating with mirrors in your home its important to keep the theme in mind. There are so many designs to choose from.

Old doors

Old doors can be used to decorate a room. As far as using a door on the wall, you could turn the door into a big collage picture frame. You can add a door in the corner of your living room. You could add a vintage door behind your bed. If you are really into the rustic style, you could use an old door to arrange your plates on in your kitchen.

Wall coverings

There are just so many ways to cover your walls. Wall art comes in so many forms. You have your classic pictures, your wood rustic wall art, You have mirrored wall art. Old antique doors can add character to your home. Wallpaper is a great way to go. It’s all up to the look that you want in your rooms.

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